More Pippens, Less Jordans

June 21, 2014
Posted in Rants
June 21, 2014 Jason

So my homie @candicecarter3c sent this to me and WAMM…it aligned with what I was talking to Jason (yes, myself) about earlier. Too many Jordans, not enough Pippens. Being a role player isn’t popular anymore. We just saw the San Antonio Spurs mollywhop the Heat like it was Madden 14 and it was set on “rookie” and controller 2 ran out of batteries. Teamwork at it’s finest, but we’re too busy talmbout where LeBron is going. Unless being “Jordan” is natural for you, try to be a role player. You still get the ring and the trophy. If “starting something” isn’t working for you right now, join along with someone. Heck, even if you’re starting something and it’s going good, still try to collab or merge with somebody else to make everything great! [Random Relationship Tip: Ladies, if you meet a man who has never played team sports or has never been apart of anything team related…NOPE. How y’all gonna be a team?] Anywho, that’s my rant. At the end of the day, Pippen is still a hall of famer with 6 rings…and the “Be Like Scottie” line is much shorter.

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