December 12, 2016 Jason


Helping ONE person with 110% effort >>> Helping 110 people with 1% effort. I personally believe in the power of word-of-mouth over anything else. Especially when the person you helped speaks highly of you from personal experience. Social media numbers, cool flyers and ads are good. Heck, they are necessary, so I’m not saying ignore those, BUT if you focus on one person at a time and go over and above, it will do wonders. Trust me. 

(Example: By using the philosophy of word-of-mouth, Creatiworks has tripled in profits and doubled in clients…every year…for the past 3 years…without any promotional ads.)

I’m not saying don’t do promotional ads. I’m saying that you have to decide if you want instant, short-term success/gratification or sacrifice the “instant” to build longer term success. Sometimes you may have to lose now (on purpose) in order to win (habitually) in the long run. #winningstreaks Your success can have lasting effects.

Same thing for your purpose in life. We are so programmed to dream big, but limit it to our lifetime. I, personally, may not influence a million people, but I believe I will influence the handful that will influence millions. To me, THAT’S dreaming big. So big that you may not be alive to see it fully manifest. That’s why I don’t get caught up in personal social media numbers and likes or going viral. (Believe me, I could have the numbers if I cared. I’ve been in the marketing/advertising biz for over 13 years.)

*end of rant*

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