Wait…Who is ?
And why are we walking with him?

In short, I am one of the most creative, hilarious and honest people you will ever meet. *All said in my Kanye voice*
I invite you to walk with me, as I document my life, so I can prove my previous sentence.
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My Podcast

Weekly Podcast and occasional soundbites.


My Camcorder

Weekly life updates, Q&A and occasional reactions.


My Journal

Daily life updates, quotes and rants.

"My mission statement in life is to provoke thought to a generation by dissecting the complicated and making it simple through creativity and honesty. My purpose in life is to simply help people win."

The Man You’re Walking With


Latest Journal Entries

Losing a Parent – The Initial Shock

I haven't even launched this website yet, but here I am...using this "journal". April 1, 2018 was the first time since 1956 that Easter and April Fool's Day collided. In 1956, my dad was 4 years old. Here we are...62 years later, and for the first time, I really wish

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How “Nobody Famous” Revived Me

*cue BET Black Star Power movie freeze frame* That guy right there in that pic? Yep. That's me. You're wondering why I'm making that face. Well, you can blame Jered Sanders for that. You see? I'm a hip hop head. Born in Philly in the early 80s. I heard Grandmaster

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@SkillzVa – Mad Skillz: The Hometown Hero

I ain't gon lie. I'm on cloud 10 right now. Yep. But I am also a little salty because I've been meaning to do this blog for a few months, but I never got around to doing it. Then this happened today: I mean...geez. When I saw the notification as

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I am always moving in these social media streets.
Whether I’m responding to a comment, networking with a peer, reacting to a current event,
sparking inspiration through a post, or posting a meme, stay walking with me!

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