The New Year’s Magic Wand?

December 8, 2016
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December 8, 2016 Jason


So you mean to tell me…that after every 365 days…when the clock strikes 12:00am on January 1st…that the New Year’s ball that drops and SUDDENLY it acts as a magic wand…eliminating a bad year and cleaning the slate for a new year? Hey, I may be wrong in this rant. If I am, let’s discuss. I’m always open for correction.

Listen, if you’ve been saying “New Year, New Me” for the past 10+ years, then perhaps you should try “New Month, New Me” or “New Week, New Me.” Now don‘t get me wrong. I’m not here to poo poo on anybody’s positive outlook on a new year. I know it signifies a fresh start, but you do know that trials and/or blessings aren’t sitting around waiting for a specific time to show up, right? Your success or breakthrough ain’t watching Ryan Seacrest, saying “hurry up and drop the ball so I can show up.” You don’t have to wait for 1/1/17. Your year doesn’t have to match up with the calendar. 

Do we have bad years? Sure. I, myself had plenty, BUT sometimes we have bad THINGS that happen in a good year and end up misdiagnosing it as a “bad year.”

I’m ranting because I’m sad. I’m sad that it’s rare that I see or hear “Man, I had a great year! I hope next year is even better!” Nah. I mainly hear/see “Man, this year sucked, but next year is gonna be my year.” Keep the latter, but if at all possible, let’s fix the former. And let us not rely on a calendar or a countdown to jumpstart the change. Your New Year can be today if you want it to.

[*end of rant*]

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