July 26, 2016 Jason

*haven’t ranted in a while*

Why do some people spend more energy on their “haters” than their supporters? I never understood that. A person could have 5,000 friends/followers and spend majority of their posts/tweets talking about 3-5 haters.

First of all, let’s face it. Just about everybody’s “hater” number count is inflated. Maybe it’s human nature to measure your success based on how many “haters” you have. ? I wish people, in 2016, would stop wasting their energy on “inflated/imaginary haters” and spend more time/energy thanking and loving on your support. A “thank you” or “I appreciate you” to a supporter >>>> “forget these haters”. 

Stop playing defense on people who don’t even have the ball. It’s pointless. If I owned a burger restaurant, and the line of customers are practically out of the door, but I stop serving them to address a table of people who don’t like my burgers, I’m gonna lose money.

Now, I’m not saying “avoid conflict” but that’s the keyword: conflict. Unless there’s a conflict, you don’t have to address hecklers.

You have loyal supporters who don’t get attention because you are too focused on haters, then you get upset when your support cheat on you with another important person.

*end of rant for now*

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