December 19, 2016 Jason


Again, if I’m wrong, discuss. I’m always open to correction. Even though I’ve been married for over 10 years, I’m not claiming to be a certified expert, BUT…

If you have a significant other, he/she should be your lover AND homie/best friend. Friendship should be the foundation. No matter what relationship you build on top of that, it will only be as strong as your foundation.

Too many relationships outchea with weak foundations. Don’t even know each other. So when a small storm comes along, or a weak argument arises, y’all breaking up because of flimsy foundations/friendships.

Long lasting couples even look like friends. Stop skipping/separating/ignoring the friendship building stage. Get a foundation or fix that foundation!

It’s a shame we live in an era where dudes will die for their homie, but won’t live with their babymomma. That’s backwards yo.

If you find yourself doing something to your significant other that you wouldn’t do to your friend, then you’re relationship-ing wrong.

*end of rant*

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