Enjoy the “Present”

June 27, 2014
June 27, 2014 Jason

Ok, so I was driving home one day last week, and I looked in my rearview out of habit, then I looked at the road ahead of me like any driver should. You know…the typical stuff. The whole time, I’m looking back and forth, back and forth, then I approached a red light. Like a law-abiding citizen, I stopped. While I was at the stop light, I heard, then saw a bee in the car.

I was startled to say the least but I remained calm and rolled my window. I didn’t care how long this process was gonna take, that bee was not gonna continue on this journey. Anywho, I finally got the bee out and I drove off. Then BOOM…(no not an accident)…I had an epiphany.

Epiphany: So often we look in the rearview (past) and windshield (future) like we’re suppose to be, but never really take time to evaluate the inside of the car (present). Who knows…a million dollar idea could be sitting in the passenger seat. Or a bee (or a trial) could be waiting to blindside you. We gotta constantly evaluate where we are. Survey the gift we’re given each day. The present. I’m not saying stop looking in the past. I’m not saying don’t look in the future (or point-B) either, but even Google Maps asks us for point-A first. Love the now, embrace the now, seize the now.

*steps off soapbox*

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