November 24, 2015 Jason

*time for another rant*

Contrary to some belief, everybody is not called to be a business owner or entrepreneur. I don’t why that message is being pushed as borderline mandatory. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with playing a lesser role (or YOUR TRUE ROLE). Too many Jordans, not enough Pippens. Both have 6 rings. Both have gold medals. Both are hall of famers. Heck, there’s nothing with being Steve Kerr. Not only did he play with people better than him, but he is coaching people better than him too. Still reaping the benefits because he’s playing his role. Don’t despise being a role player. 

Don’t despise being local either. That’s not small minded. That’s maximizing where you are until you have to automatically upgrade. Why pray for the next level when you haven’t maximize the level you’re at?

All that is free tho.

*end of rant*

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