August 30, 2016 Jason

*rant, because social media is my front porch*

It took me a while to notice the trend, but I have created what I believe is the go-to 8 Step Process of How Most People Tend To Use Social Media in 2016:

  • Step 1: (Skim) Read hot “trigger” topic (i.e. race, political, religious based topic)
  • Step 2: Oversaturate and obliterate said hot “trigger” topic well beyond the time and attention needed by immediately posting opinions and making a decision not to be open-minded or see other perspectives, because…what’s the point?
  • Step 3: In the great spirit of “beating a dead horse” (figuratively, because God forbid that I meant it literally…that would cause us to go back to Step 1), indulge self into a vicious online keyboard debate in which 0.0001% of the time, you may actually change someone’s mind about their opinion.
  • Step 4: Either forgo further research (or any research at all) and continue to sling opinions and off-color jokes based off of third-party information and deep-seeded bitterness/hatred ORRRRRRRR over-research to the point that you go off into a rabbit trail and sound super deep for no reason and/or share a plethora of comparison memes that is loaded with generalizations, weak sources or incomplete context.
  • Step 5: Resort to name-calling and threaten to delete said social media friend if they don’t agree with you, because face it…you are God’s intellectual gift to the internet, right? How dare THEY!
  • Step 6: Become an (faux) online activist for about a week until a meaningless video, app or topic becomes viral and make you forget what you were mad about.
  • Step 7: Notice Jason (that’s me, by the way) eating popcorn watching this all unfold online, while fact-checking everything, collecting all information, sources, notating reactions and making myself available for productive discussions offline.


  • Step 8: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    *end of rant*

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